Carrie Cunningham

Owner of Aww Paws

bioCarrieI have always loved animals since I was very young. As far back as I can remember there has been a passion within my soul to rescue and protect them. Over the years I have volunteered for various animal shelters and organizations, rescued many stray cats and dogs and I have served on the board of the Hill Country Animal League. I have fostered and given the care and love they need. Often the special care required is bottle feeding around the clock, medications, bathing, veterinary care and most of all giving them large doses of love and affection. When they were ready I would find them good homes or adopt them myself. Our home is filled with many rescued cats and dogs. I wouldn’t have it any other way as they make our lives complete!

With over 30 years of pet care experience, Aww Paws will visit your home to take care of your pets while you’re away. If you have long days at work, we will stop by the house to give loved ones a much needed potty break, walk and exercise. From feeding time to play time, we will be there to provide your pets with the loving care they deserve. If you have a senior pet or one with special needs, you can trust Aww Paws to give that extra care. We have experience caring for handicapped pets, administering medications, injections, diabetic services, subcutaneous fluids and other necessary needs. Aww Paws has allowed me to share my passion and my love for all creatures. It is a great feeling not only to provide my services to your pets but to offer peace of mind to you as an owner.