Benefits of Pet Sitting

While boarding is an option, it can be stressful on your pets. Think about it, they’re away from home, in an unfamiliar environment and surrounded by strange animals. All the more reason to let your pets stay at home.

Some advantages to your pets staying at home during your time away are:

  • staying in a familiar environment where they are comfortable and much less stressed
  • following their regular diet and exercise routine
  • receiving love and attention while you are away from home
  • having more room to stretch their legs than a run or kennel
  • less exposure to kennel cough and other illnesses

Some benefits for you as a pet owner include:

  • someone watching your pets and your home while you are away.
  • knowing that your pets are at home where they are less stressed and in a familiar environment
  • someone is looking in on your pets who will give them love and attention
  • receiving text updates or emails while you are away letting you know how your pets are doing
  • if your pets happen to become ill while you are gone, they will be taken to their regular vet
  • full trust that your pet will get the correct medication, food, potty breaks and attention they require and deserve