Our Rates


How do we decide the fee per visit?

AwwPaws’ first in-home evaluation is free. During this consultation we meet with you and your pet(s) and discuss their routine. Our goal is to maintain their daily routine with minimal interruption to keep them happy and alleviate stress for the pet(s) and their owners. We ask a series of questions to determine what services might be needed.  AwwPaws doesn’t charge ala carte (i.e. $3.00 extra for a walk or $5.00 for each additional pet). We charge a set fee per visit and we don’t charge extra for other services like mail pick-up or plant watering. However, there is an additional of $10 charge for holidays.

Rates will range from $18 to $30 per visit with an average of $20 per visit and there is no extra charge for multiple pets in the same household. We also reduce rates if the visit is just a potty break (i.e. If we are visiting a home 3x per day and one visit is just a potty break then we will charge less for that visit). Clients in areas that require more travel may have extra added per visit for gas. Payment is expected in advance or on the initial date of service.

The rate is decided during the consultation. Our goal is to make sure you feel comfortable and that the rate is fair for both parties. Our wish is to build a relationship with you and your pets and become your permanent pet sitter. A pet sitter you can trust and depend on.

 To schedule your free in-home evaluation, call (210) 710-1009.