We strive to keep your pet comfortable at home while maintaining their daily routine while you are away. We care for and treat your pets like they were our own.If your pet has specific needs that aren’t listed here, please contact us. In case of emergencies, we have very good relationships with several local Veterinarians and their staff. We are insured and bonded.

Basic Services:

  • Feeding
  • Freshen Water
  • Play & Exercise
  • Daily Walks
  • Overnight Stays & House Sitting
  • Administration of Medicines
  • Waste Pick-Up
  • Litter Boxes
  • And of course the most important serviceā€¦
    Love, Hugs and Kisses!

Specials Needs:

  • Patience and tender care for senior pets and those with special needs.
  • Diabetic Services
  • Assist with walking, pet wheelchairs, handicapped needs, incontinence, bladder expression for paralyzed pets, deaf or blind.
  • Administer subcutaneous fluids for kidney function, shots and oral/topical medication.
  • Special attention for those pets with a fear of storms, separation anxiety, depression or senility.

Other Services Offered:

  • Water Plants
  • Mail & Paper Pick-Up
  • Garbage Day (take out and retrieve)
  • Lights & Blinds